Brocksieper EARMAX Silver Edition Headphone Amplifier

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EARMAX-Silver Edition Headphone-Amplifier by Brocksieper

EARMAX-Silver Edition Headphone-Amplifier by Brocksieper
You enjoy music with headphones? If so then make sure to try the EARMAX made by Brocksieper. This little tube driven Headphone-Amplifier will be your ultimate listening experience.
The most direct and natural listening experience is waiting for you.

The EARMAX series will be your ultimate listening experience with pure tube design (Class A single-ended triodes, output transformerless (OTL) design). These masterpieces are handcrafted in the small manufacture of Stefan Brocksieper. The EARMAX gained worldwide reputation as one of the best, probably the best, tube headphone mplifier ever made. The EARMAX opens new dimensions and astonishing details which are amazing even for the owners of reference class phones.

- Class-A-single-ended-Triode
- Outputtransformerless (OTL) design
- Premium Selected Tubes
- straight elegant design
- dimension: 10x9x9.5cm only
- use for: Dynamic Headphone
- external powersupply for 220-250V
- made in Germany

EARMAX Silver Edition:
- higher volume with significantly upgraded external powersupply
- especcially designed for dynamic headphones with low Z (min. impedance 16 Ohm) or lower efficiency
- especially recommended for Grado phones like Grado RS 1 oder AKG 701 
- 12db more headroom vs. the Earmax Pro
- Chassis design: silver

EARMAX amps in general are OTL design (OutputTransformerLess). The actual output power and quality is depending on the load connected. Low impedance (low Z) headphones draw a lot of current and this requires a higher current power supply.
The lower the headphones impedance is, the higher the power of the OTL amplifier is needed.
The Brocksieper EARMAX Silver Edition headphone amp is optimised for this and comes with a very strong power supply. The SE is the identical design like the Brocksieper Anniversary model (just silver instead of gold hardware and no flightcase) known and prised for its outstanding performance among HiFi enthusiasts. 

specifications: Brocksieper EARMAX Silver Edition
Tube headphone amp for dynamic phones. OTL design Class A triodes technology, external power supply.
All tube circuit with miniature double-triodes vor signal amplification and output stage (ECC81 and E88CC/6922).
All tube tested and selected by Mr. Brocksieper personally. 
All Brocksiper devices are completely `Made in Germany´, in small series manufacturing.
Each amplifier is tested, measured and burned-in prior to shipping. 
The EARMAX can handle open circuit (no load/phons connected) as well as it is almost perfectly protected against shortage.

frequency range: 
4 Hz - 1 MHz (600 Ω load)
7 Hz - 0,6 MHz (35 Ω load)
frequency response: 20-20000 Hz +/- 0,1 dB
distortion factor: (THD): 
< 0,1% (RL = 35 Ω) max. 
< 0,03 % (RL = 35 Ω) typ.
< 0,1 % (RL = 600 Ω) max.
< 0.002 % (RL = 600 Ω) typ.
crosstalk: < -80 dB / 10 kHz
difference-frequency-distortion (DFD): ca. -73 dB (RL = 35 Ω)
humm, vol. max.: < -85 dB, 
Ri: 20 Ω
signal-to-noise ratio: > 95 dB
outputpower: > 50 mW (eff.)
power consumption: 16 VA
weight: 410 g (amplifier<), 800 g (external power supply)
limited warrantie: 3 years except the tubes
Note: This unit can be used with all dynamic headphones with impedance ≥ 16 Ω.

more products made by BROCKSIEPER:

EARMAX PRO: - higher volume with upgraded powersupply
- especcially designed for dynamic headphones with
impedance: absolute minimum impedance 35 Ohm, recommended for headphones with 200-2000 Ohm impedance.

PHONOMAX by Brocksieper: - phonostage amplifier providing 
the most direct and natural vinyl listening experience.
Combined with the EARMAX this is the perfect match for any vinyl and headphone enthusiast

 This is a special buy-in item, lead time is 4 weeks.