Brocksieper PHONOMAX Phonostage Amplifier

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PHONOMAX phono stage Pre-amplifier by Brocksieper

PHONOMAX phonostage amplifier by Brocksieper
The PHONOMAX is a Moving Magnet and Moving Coil stand alone phono-stage, which is the same size as the EARMAX itself. This is an exceptional phono stage at an affordable price!
- Class-A-single-ended-Triode
- Outputtransformerless (OTL) design
- Premium Selected Tubes
- straight elegant design
- dimension: 10x9x9.5cm only
- use for phono stage amplifier
- external powersupply for 220-250V
- chassis colour: black or silver
- made in Germany

Sensitivity: 0.5mV for 100mV out (1V at line stage)
Four Cartridge Loads: 200ohms, 500ohms, 1Kohms, 47Kohms
Cartridge Interface: from 0.2mV to 5mV (3.54cm/s), optimum: ≥ 0.5mV
RIAA Accuracy: Better than +- 0.2dB (f greater than or equal to 30Hz)
RIAA Response: 20Hz to ≥ 100 KHz (+- 0.5dB)
Distortion: All harmonics < 0.01% at 1Hz/200mV RMS output
Crosstalk: Typical 60dB, f 100Hz to 100KHz
Signal To Noise (unweighted): 
- ≥ 60dB, worst case (ref. = 175mV output)
- ≥ 80 dB with optimum cartridge matching
Output Impedance: Zout Less than or equal to 600ohms/1KHz
tube complements: highly selected 3x E88CC / 6922

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