Fane Ascension A90 12" 90W 16 Ohm

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Fane Ascension A90 12" 90W 16 Ohm

Handcrafted in England!

The 12-inch Ascension A90 is a bold new entrant in the arena of high performance Alnico guitar speakers for modern rock and metal sounds. With a power handling capacity in excess of 90 watts, this is the speaker that long-suffering high output compact combos have been waiting for. Providing a refined tonal 'flavour' of the F90, the A90 is ideally suited for high-powered 1x 12 combo applications where formerly the compromise you had to accept was a stiff, harsh sounding and heavy weight speaker just to manage the power. Now imagine warmth, bell-like highs, sparkling mids, solid bottom end response and the familiar Alnico compression quality that will do equal justice to clean tones and high gain voicing. Add to that the high power to weight ratio of Alnico and back breaking compact combos now become more manageable and tonally beautiful.

General specifications:

Nominal diameter: 12" / 304.8mm
Power rating: 90 Watt
Nominal impedance: 16 Ohm 
Frequency Range: 70 Hz-5 kHz
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Magnet: Alnico
Weight: 4.1kg

Frequency wise, the FANE Ascension A90 is the most versatile speaker of the test. Compared to the Celestion Cream, the bass frequency of the A90 goes a bit further down and is more flexible or less steady which adds to the detailed responsiveness - without cutting down on the general tone support. With regards to the highs, the tone range is also wider which becomes most obvious when pushed into distortion. On the one hand, the signal is more in-yer-face which, on the other, can become a bit too harsh, depending on the amp and the distortion-level. The mids appear lively and straight-forward and the musical information content is quite high. All this results in an open sound spreading across the entire sound-range. Interestingly, the frequency range where one would hear the clunk of the pic is a bit reduced which allows adding more highs to clean sounds without making it sound too hard. If that was intended - hats off!

In turn, a thing like the buzzing of a string on the fret is also clearly transported, even though in a very musical way. And that is the general characteristic of this speaker. I've caught myself more than once waiting for what will happen when you let chords fade out. The detailing is amazing; it does not get better than this. Also in terms of dynamics - the FANE is one step ahead. If you want it crunchy and groany - the Ascencion can do it without adding harshness and if you are not pushing the highs too much. In terms of volume and loudness, it is a bit more sensitive than the Cream - responsiveness and tonal spectrum dies down a bit and the tone becomes slightly nasal.
This is a special buy-in item, lead time 2-4 weeks.