JJ 283 Pre-Amplifier

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Special buy-in, lead time 4-6 weeks from payment

The JJ 283 is an all tube stereo preamplifier, intended to amplify audio signals from all types of MM cartridges as well as MC cartridges with an output voltage of more than 0.8 mV.

This preamplifier is supplied as a set consisting of two pieces: the power supply and a preamplifier. The power supply is connected to the power mains with a power cord and to the amplifier with a feeding connector.

The JJ 283 has one pair of input connectors and one pair of output connectors. These connectors are high quality gold plated RCA connectors (CINCH) with internal insulation made of Teflon. The ground connector for the turntable chassis is located next to the RCA connectors.

The gain of JJ 283 (minimum 50 dB) is sufficient to drive most of the power amps. In the case of MM cartridges with nominal output voltage of 2.5mV/1kHz, the output voltage is about 1V, therefore there is no need for a line preamplifier.

A line amplifier is needed only when the power amp or monoblocks do not have volume control or their sensitivity is low (2V and more).

Signal from cartridges is amplified exclusively by the ECC83S (4x) whose parameters and unique manifestation determine the sound character of the preamplifier. The JJ 283 has a nice tube sound with crystal highs, soft velvety mids and deep bass.

The final sound is the result of meticulous selection of all parts, especially polypropylene capacitors in both signal and power sections. All parts come from reputable manufacturers. Before insertion, the parts for RIAA passive correction are screened and matched according to tight internal specifications.

All power sources for internal supplies, including the filament supply, are fully stabilized and all electrolytic capacitors are by-passed with special polypropylene capacitors.



Special buy-in, lead time 4-6 weeks from payment