JJ 322 Hi-Fi Amplifier

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JJ 322 Stereo Single Ended Tube Amplifier

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The JJ 322 is designed as a pair of monoblocks having only a power/ground connection and an APLS potentiometer in common.

The power sources are independent of one another and having 1500μF of RC filtration and combined with high quality polypropylene capacitors and DC filament voltages give this amplifier great linearity (as small as possible distortion) 0.3% @ 10watts, Zero global feedback 0dB GFB and sufficient damping factor (DF =4).

The JJ 300B tubes used in the 322 have won many awards around the world as best 300B tube. Output transformers contribute to the outstanding sound quality too.


The transformers (C-Cores) are made from custom manufactured fine grain-oriented sheets rolled to a thicness of 0.13 - 0.15mm. After a proprietary vacuum annealing process, transformers are cut, polished and etched. All steps of C-Core manufacturing are under the direct control of JJ electronic.


Output Power: 20 Watts + 20 Watts

Load Impedance: 4 -8 Ohm

Input Impedance: 50 KOhm

Input sensitivity: 350mV @ 20 Watt

Frequency response: 8 - 25,000 Hz (-1dB)

Channel Separation: 72dB/1000 Hz

Global Negative Feedback: 0dB

Noise Level: Less than 1mV

Output Transformers: Double C-Cores

AC Input: 230V,120V,100V@50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 240 Watts

Tubes:  4x JJ 300B, 2x JJ E88CC, 2x JJ ECC83, 2x JJ EM84

Dimensions: 570x380x255mm

Weight: 42Kg