JJ Electronic 12AX7 (ECC83S)

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JJ Electronic 12AX7 (ECC83S)

The JJ ECC83-S tube has several improvements in its construction from the old ECC83 version.

This 12AX7 sports a slightly different plate design to most others (as seen in the images) The general consensus among people who buy these is that they have a great top end which is perfect for those lead guitarist They are very rugged which makes them perfect for musicians who are not exactly gentle with their equipment and probably the most affordable 12AX7 on the market, so who cares if it breaks? Just chuck another one in there..

Visually they are a good looking tube, I think that JJ does pretty well with their glass printing.

This tube is a drop in replacement for any Fender, Marshall, Mesa boogie ect. running 12AX7/ECC83//7025 preamp stages

The JJ ECC83S has a gain rating of 5/10, Bass, Mid and Treble have the same frequency response across the board with 5/10 and has a low noise rating with 2.5/10.

If you are after a decent quantity of these bad boys, check out the Tocher Tubes website or shoot us a message.