JJ ONE Guitar Amplifier

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JJ ONE Guitar Amplifier

This is a special buy-in product and has a lead time of up to 4 weeks


The first all-tube amplifier with a single ended 300BH triode utilising an ultra linear circuit, and the characteristic sound of a true Class A amplifier.


The JJ 300BH triode was specifically developed for this amplifier. Even though it stems from our 300B triode, its characteristics have been altered so the sound is more “guitar-like”. The original 300B triode is very linear and too”Hifi-like” or analytic for this purpose. This is why we researched and developed a triode electron tube specifically to complement the guitar. The sound we have achieved is different from what is produced with the triode connected pentode commonly used today.


The Point to Point Wiring. Special double-layered cotton insulation wires are used to connect the points. All components are hand prepped and soldered. Option to switch to vacuum rectifier (GZ34 S) or semiconductor diode rectifier, depending on the style and character of the sound you desire to receive. First-class components are chosen with regard to the sound and the reliability of the amplifier. All components undergo a precise selection process during production so only components from reputable, top-quality producers are used.


The primary aim is a natural sound with ambient triode colouring for distorted sound. All electron tubes for our amplifiers are carefully chosen and burned-in. There are special requirements for burning-in this amplifier’s electron tubes. This is why only JJ Electronic electron tubes should be used whenever the electron tubes are replaced during the operating life of the amplifier.


Output power - 12watts

Load Impedance - High: 1MOhm Low: 136KOhm


Sensitivity - +6dB

Input Voltage - 230V/50Hz

Consumption - 130VA

Output Transformer - Double "C Cores"

Tubes Used - JJ ECC81 GOLD PIN

                   JJ ECC83MG GOLD PIN

                   JJ GZ34

                   JJ 300BH


Dimensions - 600x240x270 (W x H x D)

Weight - 20.5kg

Finish - Wood (walnut)